In addition to our $79 Elite Monthly Massage Membership

We now offer other Membership options:

Massage $79


Laser Hair Removal*

SM $59.99/Monthly (lip, chin, underarm or sideburns)   

MED $79.99/Monthly (Brazilian, lip & chin)

LG $99.99/Monthly (1/2 leg or arm, upper or lower back)

X– LG $129.99/Monthly (full back, full legs , full arms)


50% deposit required based on selection  in the

Cryo T-Shock

$149/Monthly* Face Lift, Neck or Decollete   

$179/Monthly* Fat Freeze/Cellulite/ Tighten & Tone

*requires deposit equaling 2months based on selection

Membership Special

Only $79

We infuse top-of-the-line service with affordable pricing. We specialize in Integrative Therapeutic Massage; focusing on a problem area while also addressing whole body stress relief. Get a membership and experience our “Pamper-Peutic” benefits.

  • 60-Minute Pamperpeutic Massage
  • One European Facial: $79 month
  • Complimentary chocolate upon visit
Spa Membership

Become a LHR (laser hait removal) Member

The biggest reason clients see less than optimal results… they don’t stick to the treatment plan.

Membership helps you stick to a treatment plan and keep your hard earned money in your pockect until you have your service.

  • 6 month commitments and after that time you can cancel;go month to month;or continue membership and treat other areas. Client must recommit to new 6 month contract for each new area selected.
  • Treatments are scheduled monthly. Inconsistent drastically affect outcome. Missing months at a time and minssing the critical growth cycles that make laser truly succrssful. Once client misses 2 consecutive months of treatment on an area, all missed or accrued treatment will be forfeited and a new commitment must be completed.

Contract Agreement:
I hereby authorize Spa Boutique 2go to draw monthly and debit from my account equal to Membership value as indicated below. Client may cancel this agreement by giving a 30 day prior written notice to Spa Boutique 2go. The account holder agrees not to request or arrange the return of payments made under thid agreement. Initial________

The account holder warrants and guarantees that all persons whose signatures are required to sign on this account have signed the Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement and that information set out on this page is accurate and complete. Initial________

The account holder agrees to notify Spa Boutiqie 2go in writing: 69 East 130th Street, New York 10037 should and the information of this agreement change. Initial________

Important information:

  • One visit a month.
  • Required 30 day written notice for cancellation
  • The Membership benefits cannot rollover and may not be transferred or shared….for LHR only.
  • Appointment required. 24hr cancellation policy in effect.
  • No show or late cancellations fee may apply or the session will be deducted as used.
  • After 60 days of inactivity, benefits will expire and new package purchase will be required to begin a new treatment series.

Membership for One Small Area $49.99

Membership for One Medium Area $69.99

Membership for One Large Area $89.99

Membership for One X-Large Area $109.99

  • Option I – Deposit equaling 2 months payment; tratment scheduled at the time of deposit.
  • Option II – No deposit – 1st tratment scheduled after second months payment is made.


Includes: Chocolate covered strawberries and glass of champagne

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy the pleasure of a massage with someone you love. Side by side Swedish massage with that special someone, a friend, sister, daughter etc.

Shared joy is a double joy.

60 Min. $170 | 90 min to $250

Couple’s Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Because the skin is the largest organ and absorbs minerals, as well as toxins, there is enormous benefit in using the salt stones. The magnesium content helps to relax muscles and melt tension, and the other 80+ minerals and trace elements are beneficially absorbed to alkalize, gently draw out toxins, and because of the unadulterated salt, it draws moisture to the upper layers of the skin, plumping and moisturizing, leaving the skin quite smooth.

Couples: 60 Min. $240

Couple’s Stix & Stones

Bamboo Fusion Massage w/ Himalyian Salt Stone Massage…. This ancient healing treatment using heated bamboo sticks in various sizes helps release muscle tension, stimulates circulation and reduces fluid retention. The heat of the salt melts restrictive fascia to go deeper into the muscles and loosen the joints. The stones provide 84 essential minerals and trace compounds… your skin, body and mind will thank you!

The best of both worlds…

Couples: 75 Min. $340