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Do not use Aloe ferox Bitters in cases of intestinal blockage, acute inflamed intestinal disease (e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colon inflammation), appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin or during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As always, please do consult with your physician before staring a course of herbal remedies – particularly if you are using other prescription medicines.








100% natural and pure Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals




50-300 mg Bitter Crystals in a single dose (1- 6 match head sized pieces).


Product description

Product description

Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally used for the beneficial effect it has on symptoms of constipation, eczema, pain due to arthritis and high blood pressure. Constipation causes harmful toxins to build up in the body. Toxins, that are not properly excreted, can be absorbed again, leading to poor health: Colon cancer and diverticulitis can be the result of incessant constipation Chronic constipation may be linked to breast cancer Treating constipation can prevent appendicitis Pressure during constipation is responsible for hiatus hernia, varicose veins and haemorrhoids Benefits: Is bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly Helps to detoxify and support disinfection Favours an anti-inflammatory action Helps to prevent constipation Dosage: Laxative: Take 50-300 mg Bitter Crystals in single dose at night. The smallest dose necessary to maintain regular bowel movement should be taken Detoxify: Take 50 mg Bitter Crystals daily with meals. A crystal of 50 mg is approximately



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Aloe ferox bitters contain plant chemicals that
+ are bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly
+ help pain to fade away
+ help to detoxify and support disinfection
+ favour an anti-inflammatory action
+ help to prevent constipation.

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